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FUNanagram™ is website for all things anagram and word puzzle related. Here you will find free fun tools like word uncramblers, word scramblers, anagram solvers and puzzles, and anagram generators. You will also find examples of anagrams, word puzzles, and more things related to anagrams. We are adding to this resource monthly so keep on the watch for new fun stuff.

More cool stuff to come.

What is an Anagram?

An anagram is a type of word puzzle that results from the rearranging of a word to create another word with the same number of letters. For example, the word "listen" is an anagram of "silent". Both words use the same six letters. The word "earth" is an anagram of "hater". Both words use the same five letters.

More anagrams:

  • Astronomers = No more stars
  • Bruce Springsteen = Creep brings tunes
  • Motley Crue = Me Cruel Toy
  • young lad = an old guy

A person who creates anagrams is called an anagrammatist.

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